Trips to Las Vegas: Why You Should Definitely Go
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Las Vegas may be famous for gambling and endless parties but it is a lot more than that. Beyond the glamour and glitz of the city is breathtaking natural scenery that you can enjoy on your trips to Las Vegas. You might need to get a few miles out of the city but the scenery is worth the journey, not to mention a good break from the bright city lights that overshadow it.

One of the must visit places on your trips to Las Vegas is the Grand Canyon; located 300 miles southeast of Las Vegas. It is known for its scenic overlooks and momentous man-made architecture such as the El Tovar Hotel and the Desert View Watchtower. It also has a lodging, gift shop, various restaurants and a Visitor’s Center. You can tour the South Rim of the Canyon, which is the most explored area on your own, or with the help of a guide.

At the Red Canyon, desert beauty is evident in shades of red. Located 15 miles west of Vegas, the towering red cliffs are a sight to behold for hikers, joggers, sightseers and tourists. It is also full of wildlife including mountain lions, golden eagles, rabbits, burros, coyotes, bighorn sheep and wild horses among others. You can enjoy a drive through the conservation area or go round the 13-mile scenic loop for beautiful photographs.

Another desert wonder is the Bryce Canyon National Park located 270 miles from Las Vegas. The park features white, deep red, tan and golden towering rocks, deeply contrasting the green nature, to give a natural sight whose beauty rivals that of the glamor and glitz of the city. You can also take a hike whereby you most likely to spot wildlife such as pronghorn antelopes, mountain lions and the Great Basin rattlesnakes.

Nearer Las Vegas and only a two-and-a-half hour drive from the city is another national park – Zion National Park. On a visit here, you will enjoy the colorful sandstones, striking hiking trails, and 3000-feet high cliffs. You will also behold some of the world’s largest sandstones. Another relatively close natural sight for those who do not want to travel far is the Death Valley National Park. This is a museum featuring geological history, Old West remnants and old plant life. On your way here, you might be able to stop by the China Ranch and Scotty’s Castle if you have time to spare.

Another must-visit sight on your trips to Las Vegas is the Floyd Lamb Park, a paleontologic site holding thousands of years’ worth of history. Here, you can enjoy visiting the ponds and scenic paths among other facilities. Get to see beautiful ducks, geese and peacock. You can even fish in one of the ponds if you have a Nevada fishing silence. You can also visit Lake Mead, which is less than an hour’s drive from the Strip of Las Vegas, and enjoy the sight of one of the largest man-made lakes and engage in activities such as boating, swimming, skiing, fishing and kayaking.

Often famed for its night life, Las Vegas has a lot to offer to the nature loving tourist, with breathtaking sights. It might be that this combination of artificial and natural beauty is what makes Las Vegas irresistible, and the next time you are in Vegas, take time to visit these natural sights and you will be grateful you did.