Las Vegas is a dream holiday come true.  We’ve all seen photographs of the breathtaking hotels and resorts, the incredible restaurants, nightclubs, cocktail bars and shopping malls, the delectable food and the fabulous people.  It’s impossible to fit everything in and it’s a good idea to organize your time in Las Vegas well.  You want time to walk the Las Vegas Strip and see the sights, time to enjoy Broadway shows and theater, see your favorite stars and spend time in the glitzy and sophisticated casinos.   It’s a good idea to book yourself on a sightseeing tour, or two, so you can take in the highlights, seamlessly and easily.

There are tons of tours on offer.  Choose the ones that suit you and your schedule.  There are group tours, limo tours, helicopter tours and custom designed Las Vegas specialist tours too.  If you’re into beauty and nature, take a tour to the Grand Canyon or Red Rock Canyon.  Book a cruise.  Go sky diving!  Go through this list to see what excites you – we think it will be everything – and plan now.  Have fun.  And enjoy the magical dream city that is Las Vegas.