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‘Thunder from Down Under’ is the dream destination for a girl’s night out and the antidote for a million girlie shows, it is sexy, silly, and a rollicking good time.

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Is that what Australian men look like? Are these hunks all Australian? Does it matter?

Whether Down Under or Up Over, six-pack abs and bulging pecs are a universal language that “Thunder from Down Under” at Excalibur Hotel and Casino speaks with aplomb. Side note – how many different racy puns on “Down Under” could be inserted here? Best not to ask.

The pre-recorded announcer sure sounds Australian. Who knew Crocodile Dundee was available for voice acting? Founded by Billy Cross, who runs the show with co-owner Adam Steck, Thunder from Down Under competes directly with reigning beefcakes the Chippendales. The choreographed dance routines that these shirtless lads gamely execute are not … well, it’s not Cirque.

But is that really even the point? The point is for bachelorette parties and other girls-night-out gaggles to hoot and holler at the gyrating hips of a toned Adonis who has stepped up on their cocktail table for an up-close-and-personal dance, eyes at groin level.

Founded in 1991 in Australia, Thunder from Down Under has toured 15 countries and been seen by over 10 million patrons. They produce a calendar every year, and a documentary film about the making of the calendar. The show took up residency at the Excalibur in 2001. The 400-seat theater was renamed the “Thunder From Down Under Showroom” in 2006. With twelve curtain times a week, tickets for one of the 75-minute shows a week start at $85. With cocktail service and the possibility of a table dance, there’s really no bad seat in the house, and not just because the showroom is, er, intimate. The boys come out into the audience frequently. Did I mention that a table dance might be in the cards?

Girly shows can be deadly serious – something about the male gaze – but beefcake shows are incomplete without hilarity. Without undercutting the sexiness of the incredible muscled physiques on display, there’s something hysterically cheesy about a scantily clad man doing corny dance moves and wearing cowboy hats on a stage, prancing around the audience and picking admiring ladies of all shapes, ages, and sizes for close dances, extra attention, maybe to be picked up in an effortless fireman’s carry. There’s as much laughter as there is leering whistling, and it just doesn’t stop. There’s no ballad, no moment of quiet introspection – just tacky testosterone from start to finish. If you’re a straight male without body issues, you might just have a few yuks yourself. Expect, however, to be surrounded by a crowd of randy, rowdy ladies.

And no, you’re not imagining it – those are breakaway pants, which the Thunder boys relish in ripping away to reveal darling green-and-yellow briefs. Their signature move is flashing their butt cheeks – PEEK-A-BOO! – briefly at the end of a number, or spontaneously to satisfy the screams of a particularly enthusiastic fan. Like I said, the show is … err … cheeky.

VERDICT: The dream destination for a girl’s night out and the antidote for a million girlie shows, “Thunder from Down Under” at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino is sexy, silly, and a rollicking good time.



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