Jason Tenner and the band perform popular numbers from Prince’s albums.
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April 21st will mark the second death anniversary of “Prince” Rogers Nelson, who ruled the heart of many music lovers particularly back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Las Vegas Casinos and Resorts periodically offer Prince’s fans an opportunity to relive those moments with Prince’s much loved numbers through “Purple Reign : The Prince Tribute Show”. The Westgate Resort and Casino is one of the venues for this performance.

Basically, this show has Jason Tenner stepping into the Prince’s shoes, singing his popular pieces. The show promises to keep the audience captivated for about 75 minutes. The show is obviously named “Purple Reign” because of its phonetic resemblance to “Purple Rain”. Prince’s fans knew of his affinity to that color and of course with “Purple Rain”, which was a very popular movie in 1984 in which Prince acted. The 1984 musical had Prince’s songs as well, including the song “Purple Rain”.

Tenner and the band perform popular numbers for Prince’s albums such as “1999”, “Little Red Corvette”, “Peach”, “This Could be us”, “Kiss”, “When Doves Cry”, “Raspberry Beret”, “Let’s Go Crazy” etc., in different shows. Prince’s fans might miss songs like “Darling Nikki”, “Let’s Go Crazy” and “7” because they are not being performed in all shows. But the fans are compensated with the much loved tributes to “Morris Day and The Time”, which formed an integral part of “Purple Rain”.

The performance comes as close to the real thing as is possible, because Tenner’s voice and singing are quite alike those of The Prince. It may feel like lip synchronization, but it is not. Other similarities include the extravagant dressing and make up style. He even manages to look as flamboyant as the Prince on the stage.

“Purple Reign: The Prince Tribute” show has been around for almost a decade now. It was adjudged as the “Best Tribute Act” by “Las Vegas Review Journal” during its 28th annual review in 2009. Readers of the journal also voted the show as the “Best of Las Vegas”, making it one of the most worthwhile shows to attend when in Las Vegas. In 2014, Tenner was again declared as the “Best impersonator” in a poll by the same Journal and the performance is so enthralling that fans also join in the singing the songs with him and he also encourages it. So the ambiance is simply unique when one attends these shows.

The major drawback of this show is that due to the dancers in the background it is not a good idea to take young children. In fact, the tickets are sold only to those who are 18 years or older. That said, the ticket to this show is certainly affordable. The starting price of the ticket is $50, but a Groupon ticket would cost about $30. The cost includes 9 percent collected for “Live entertainment” tax.

Alcoholic beverages can be purchased by those attending this show. If you are Prince’s fan you just cannot miss this show!