Marriage Can Be Murder at the D Las Vegas is a solid choice for good sports to get a good meal and some good laughs, one of the slighter spectacles off Fremont Street,
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Before Walter White strangled Krazy-8 in his basement, murder was frequently played for laughs.

The target audience of “Marriage Can Be Murder: A Comedy Murder Mystery Dinner Show” at the D Las Vegas is old enough to remember those happier time when murder was hilarious. Note also the 6:30pm curtain time for a dinner show. There’s also a “laughternoon” matinee presentation at 4pm.

Appealing to the type of person who is overwhelmed and befuddled by Cirque du Soleil, “Marriage Can Be Murder” serves up decidedly lighter, low-tech entertainment. Murder mystery dinner theater is nothing new, but creators Eric and Jayne Post, who debuted the show in Sacramento before moving to Vegas in 2000, jazz up the experience with copious crowd interaction. A police officer’s “interrogation” of various audience members turns into an opportunity for low-pressure crowd work. Need to relieve yourself in the middle of the show? Feel free, but you better believe your mysterious absence will make you suspect, and you better have an alibi.

Audience members are invited to video-tape the performance as well. Hostess D.D. (probably a spoof on her chest size) boasts in the opening, fourth-wall-breaking remarks that “Marriage Can Be Murder” is the only show in Vegas that allows its audience to “video-tape, audio-tape and duct-tape.”

The cheesy jokes continue apace. A “twist in the plot” is announced – cue music, Chubby Checker’s “The Twist,” and the audience is encouraged by characters with names like “MeMe LaRue” and “Cary Cadaver” to get up and twist. It’s not the only time the audience is encouraged to dance. If looking cool is one of your priorities, this may not be the show for you. Check your ego at the door – you may be expected to dance to the Village People. Hopefully you still remember how to spell “Y.M.C.A.”

This is a very informal show. Chat up your neighbors at the banquet-style dining tables, but don’t trust them – he or she could be a plant, an actor in plainclothes put there to be a suspect in the thoroughly un-frightening murder mystery. Don’t plan on being put on the edge of your seat. This is also a good show for the chronically hypertensive.

Speaking of blood pressure, your $80 ticket includes a tasty three-course meal (appetizer, entree, and dessert). Non-alcoholic drinks are included; booze is extra. The dining room/performance space in the D Las Vegas is decorated cheaply to resemble a VFW hall.

Ultimately, murder-mystery dinner theater isn’t at the top of the list of most visitors in Vegas, but there’s a reason this show has been going strong since 2000. People visit Las Vegas for all kinds of reasons, and “Marriage Can Be Murder” is a sterling example of the genre that will appeal to attendees when more extravagant Vegas shows ring as tacky or prurient.

Verdict: One of the slighter spectacles off Fremont Street, “Marriage Can Be Murder: A Comedy Murder Mystery Dinner Show” at the D Las Vegas is a solid choice for good sports to get a good meal and some good laughs. Treat Mom and Dad. You won’t die. (Or will you?)