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It’s all fantasy, right? That’s not the real Eiffel Tower, no one dresses like this, we don’t all have drinking problems, and gambling is illegal. Right?

That’s the problem, and the appeal, of showgirls. The cast of Fantasy at the Luxor Hotel and Casino is selling a fantasy … but those are real women on that stage, and boy can they move.

Debuting in 2000, Fantasy has had longevity enviable within the girlie-show space. Is it because they work harder? The bits aren’t ground-breaking – there’s a sexy cop, a drape-aerialist, a chair dance, nothing we haven’t seen before. So what’s the solution? Do it better. Fantasy has gone for broke on talent and training, and it shows. This is one of the most polished and arresting showgirl revues on the strip.

The ensemble numbers are particularly tight. At one point, a dozen perfectly synchronized dancers (in bras and panties, of course) emerge from and disappear into a ground-fog created by a smoke machine.

A Texas-themed group choreography could give the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders a run for their money.

A three-girl romp on a prop bed calls to mind every boy’s fantasy of what an all-girl slumber party must be like. (Underwear pillow fights, anyone?) The dance is not synchronized, but perfectly coordinated.

Several of the dancers wear slinky nighties. More so than the stylized bras, g-strings and pasties, this gives the show an intimate danger, like we’re invited into a space of privacy that we really shouldn’t be invading. Also, if you like homoerotic titillation from your girlie shows, this is the show for you.

Fantasy is sung throughout by emcee Jaime Lynch. A former showgirl herself, Lynch broke out as a singer starring in the “Pussycat Dolls” production at Caesar’s Palace. Having taken over from Lorena Peril in 2013, Lynch is a magnetic visual and auditory presence. She excels at connecting with the audience, possessing that rare ability to make every attendee feel like she is singing to him or her personally. She looks great in a cowgirl hat and Daisy Dukes, too.

The show features comedy, too. Sean E. Cooper has held this job, and he knows how to get laughs. He’s very dirty, though, and not afraid to get racial or go for the low blow. Like the rest of the show, it’s impressive but nothing we haven’t seen a million times.

With tickets starting at $59, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. The theater is small, not a bad seat in the house. A show this polished, however, leaves little room for surprises. If your fantasy involves the danger of a wardrobe malfunction, onstage meltdown, or a rough-around-the-edges number that could fall apart at any moment … well, that’s not how they do at the Luxor.

VERDICT: If you’re looking to check the “showgirl revue” box on your Las Vegas bucket list, Fantasy at the Luxor Hotel and Casino is one of the best bets on the Strip to really be wowed. The comedy, female talent, and Jaime Lynch’s singing prowess do not disappoint.