Crass, sleazy, and irrepressible, Eddie Griffin at the Rio Hotel and Casino will have you laughing till your cheeks hurt. – Caesars Entertainment

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If you’re going to count on Eddie Griffin for anything, count on him to be rude and racial. If you like your stand-up comedy dirty and in-your-face, Eddie Griffin at the Rio is where you want to be. If you’re sensitive to blue humor, you might want to stop reading this review right now. You’ve been warned.

Take away the dirty and rude, in fact, and one might surmise that the one-time Undercover Brother and Eddie from Malcolm & Eddie might have no way to address the people in his life.Every woman is “whore,” “�ho,” or “b**ch.”Most men are “n****er” or “m*****f***er.”(This review will be impossible to write.I’m published on websites with decency policies.)

Griffin refers to his own son with the N-word, and to his mother with the B-word.He’s not lofty about his genes, aware that in some cases “you ain’t savin’ college money, you savin’ bail money.”I’ve heard Chris Rock tell that same joke, but Griffin takes it further by imagining visiting his son in prison and berating him for being stupid and ungrateful, making him waste his day off visiting him.Ouch.Griffin has nine kids, claiming that he’s building an empire. He also speculates that with that many cracks at it, he’ll get lucky with some good offspring one of these times.

To earn your $94 per seat, Griffin takes tried and true jokes into some esoteric territory. I’ve heard Daniel Tosh riff (in back-to-back tours) about parents playing favorites with large broods of children. Griffin, however, takes a left turn from this topic and claims that he can tell if he’s about to sire a felon if it hurts when he ejaculates. Wow, okay. About this hypothetical convict child, he muses, “Man, n****er should’a been a crusty towel.” If that grosses you out, this might not be the show for you.

Give this to Griffin – he’s not trying to make you like him, and could care less if you do. In his crabby emphysemic voice, he shares that he has had three wives, and none of them got a dime in the divorce – “I had a pre-nup and a post-nup!” He re-treads ground I’ve heard Bill Burr cover (can you tell I watch a lot of stand-up?) about how Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin got $250 million in her divorce, despite having “never hit a golf ball in her life.” The oft-married Griffin, however, imports this reasoning into his own life, justifying his cheap divorces by saying “B**ch never told half these jokes! B**ch, these jokes bought that house!” This becomes a riff on the differences between black women and white women in relationships. Spoiler alert: neither race of women comes out smelling like roses.

The man is very funny, though, if you find repetitive cursing funny. I have to admit, I kind of do. He gets laugh after laugh with his particular brand of despicable. There’s no elevation or thematic potency to his racial commentary either – in Eddie Griffin World, black folks are black, white folks are white, no one is blameless, and he’s just a scrappy black guy trying to get a few laughs and make a few bucks in a cruel world. Mission accomplished.

VERDICT: Crass, sleazy, and irrepressible, Eddie Griffin at the Rio Hotel and Casino has what you need … assuming what you need is to laugh till your cheeks hurt, while simultaneously thinking “Oh my God, that’s so wrong!”