The Donny and Marie Las Vegas Show is the complete package of laugh, dance, and fun, this show has continued to be the heart winner ever since its launch.

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If you are looking for an experience such a relaxing and fun-filled time with your family and friends, then the Donny and Marie Osmond Las Vegas Show for 2019, is the perfect for a great night out. Well who doesn’t like to experience a relaxing time and who doesn’t like to have at least one particular time in a day when he can laugh, sing, dance and enjoy? We all do, right?

Donny and Marie Osmond discovered their talents when they sang together for the first time in 1973 and since then this sister-brother duo has been entertaining the audience with their magical performances of entertainment, music, dance, and comedy. The show is a complete package that can be enjoyed with the family members together. The duo guarantees a good and fun show of 90 minutes. Most of the people who have witnessed the duo united on the stage have appreciated the talent and energy of these two entertainers way back since the Donny & Marie variety show aired on ABC from 1976 to 1979.

Other than their epic performances featuring entertainment, dance, etc. you can expect the duo singing some of their classic hits of the combined performances and some from their solo albums.

Highlights from the show:

Trying their hands with the winning formula, the Donny and Marie Las Vegas Show incorporates performances full of dancing and humor. With the duo presenting their classic hits from their previous numbers such as “Paper Roses“, “Puppy Love, “Make The World Go Away“, “Soldier of Love” and much more. With such amazing talents, you can never expect a dull moment throughout the show.

Donny has been consistent in impressing the fans with his love for the rock. Along with this he has never disappointed his fans and has been winning their hearts with his evergreen and chartbuster “Puppy Love”. He also became the heartthrob by showcasing his dancing talent and presenting some of his amazing moves in “Yo-Yo”.

Marie, on the other hand, charms the audience by singing her most well-known and classic song “paper-Roses.” She then makes the audience feel the warmth by presenting the mash up of “Walk This Way” and “These Boots Were Made for Walking”. The audience just loves the energy and sensation this mash up fills in them.

The brother and sister Osmond duet, ‘Donny and Marie’ have been consistent and the most loved entertainers who have been pleased the crowd every time they unite to perform. Their strong understanding and compatibility have helped them to achieve such a position in people’s heart. They have been the consistent show stealers from their beginning and will continue to be for many more years. The reactions and love of the audience towards the show has confirmed their popularity and demand.


The latest 2019, Donny and Marie Las Vegas Show is the complete entertainment package of laughs, dance, and fun and which has continued to be the heart winner ever since its launch. We recommend everyone to watch and enjoy the craziness of the duo and enjoy one of the best shows in Vegas. You won’t regret investing your time seeing these two American icons.