Timeliness, Mania, Horrific Puns, and Nonstop Laughter.

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What to say about Carrot Top? There’s no stand-up like him. He’s standing up, but the similarities end there. Carrot Top is a very different animal. Heck, he practically looks like he belongs to a different species. “Carrot Top at the Luxor Hotel and Casino 2019” is less a stand-up act than a whole one-manchild show with a lot of production value that crams about 900 punchlines into 90 minutes. They work way better than they should, and if you don’t like one, blink. Another one is coming before your eyes open again.

And the props … The term “Prop Comic” gets applied to Carrot Top without a lot of explanation of what that means. Carrot Top shows up with huge trunks full of hastily-made props, jerry-rigged to evoke an outrageous visual gag or pun. He takes one prop after the other out of the trunk, plows through his one-liner explanation, then tosses the prop to the side as quickly as it came out.

There’s the ridiculous – a laundry duct you fasten to your dog’s butt so it poops in the neighbor’s yard. There’s funny and raunchy – “lingerie for Jehovah’s Witnesses,” a negligee with door knockers on the breasts and a doorknob on the crotch. Then there’s the outright clever – a toilet paper dispenser that can be flipped upside down if your spouse puts the roll on backward. Seriously, why can’t I get that at Target?

The audience loves it. You might love it more than you expect, given that Carrot Top is a cultural punchline by now. It’s gut-busting laughter from start to finish. Do some research before you buy, but seriously, does every show have to be “Faust?” Who even lives like that?

Many of his gags are about rednecks. “Redneck books-on-tape” – text written on a roll of tape. “Redneck Kindle” – a book sandwiched between two pieces of plexiglass. A fishing line with a beer on the hook that cops can use to lure rednecks out of their trailers. Hailing from Florida, Carrot Top probably has strong feelings on rednecks – one way or the other.

You won’t get it from him, though. Not from his imp-like eyes, outrageous gym-rat biceps, puffy facial features, or the defiant ginger ‘fro that gave him his name. Carrot Top is way too hyper to be pinned down to a personality, and his mockery of race, social class, religion, sexuality, and politics is too comprehensive to peg him to an ideology. One joke lampoons blacks; the next, whites. One prop skewers Republicans; the next, Democrats.

Carrot Top is not family-friendly, but you can see why he claims to have been inspired by kindergarten Show-And-Tell. When he’s not playing mad inventor, his childish affect springs from a genuine enthusiasm to show off his latest brainstorm.

This is high-impact, pressure-cooker comedy, which allows Carrot Top to be highly topical. The show changes as fast as the headlines. Some new scandal breaks in the world of sports, politics, or entertainment? Carrot Top has hours to brainstorm the craziest pun he can relate to it, slap it together on the cheap, and hit a paper-thin laughter window mere hours before it closes. The joke can be as stupid as the day is long – the mere timeliness is good enough for a belly laugh.

Kim and Kanye are expecting? Carrot Top brings a baby doll with a huge backside. Barry Bonds faces allegations of steroid abuse? Here’s a bat that dispenses pills. Bonds is going for a home run record amid public backlash? A batter’s helmet with hands glued to the ears to block out the boos. A show this agile can never get old.

There are no rabbit holes with these props, no cerebral anecdotes to follow. There’s the visual gag, the one-liner, then tossed to the side and on to the next joke. Perfect for the ADD, or the intoxicated. Hey, does anyone like that come to Vegas?

Verdict: Check out some YouTube videos of Carrot Top. Laughing in spite of yourself? See Carrot Top show in 2018 at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. He’s way better live.