Silly, engaging, and better with a buzz on, “Alibi Las Vegas: The Show” is a great option for light-hearted patrons looking for something different.

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Not everybody is going to love “Alibi Las Vegas: The Show,” so take a personal inventory before you buy tickets:

1) Do you raise your hand to volunteer at magic shows?

2) Does Cirque du Soleil put you to sleep?

3) Do you have a kitschy sense of humor?

4) Do you enjoy day-drinking and wandering crowded city streets, making friends with strangers and discovering cozy hangout spots?

The more “Yes” answers you return, the more you will like “Alibi Las Vegas.” This isn’t the Old Vic, so don’t expect Shakespeare. This is more like murder-mystery dinner theater, only at lunch, with a scavenger hunt thrown in. You and other ticket-holders are invited to participate in the mystery of an escaped criminal simply known as “The Mastermind.”

Participants spend a little under three hours following clues around town in the vicinity of Planet Hollywood and historic Freemont Street, interacting with zany characters along the way. Fun props enter the picture, including specialty beverages, fake newspapers blaring headlines about the Mastermind’s latest caper, and a suitcase that must be handcuffed to a participant for safekeeping. A pizza lunch and adult beverages are included with your ticket purchase. Suggestion: order “the works” and a Long Island Iced Tea – might as well get some bang for your seventy bucks.

As urban scavenger hunts go, there are much tougher ones out there. The clues are more meandering than diabolical. Fans of live-action “Escape Room” attractions may find themselves similarly under-challenged. The actors you encounter get an “A” for improv, doing crowd work and riffing amusingly on the answers audience members give to small-talk questions. Still, we’re a long way from the Tony Awards.

If this all sounds hopelessly cheesy, you’re not wrong. Let me remind you that this endeavor, like most endeavors in Sin City, is meant to be experienced tipsy. To enjoy “Alibi Las Vegas,” you have to be willing to let go, get into a goofy and adventurous spirit, and embrace the Vegas of it all. The characters in this light drama carry unmistakable “Vegas” flavor, including Cuddles the Showgirl, gangster Frankie B., perhaps the world’s worst Elvis impersonator, and a very unpredictable mime.

Still not sold? If “Alibi Las Vegas” is good for nothing else, it’s a great way to meet people. This ticket attracts extroverts with a dressed-down mentality of “let’s party and try silly things.” Locals and tourists alike, no one on the “Alibi Las Vegas” scavenger hunt is going to be too cool for school. This is especially good for people turned off by bump-thumping meat market nightclubs. Whether you connect over solving silly clues or swapping stories over the pizza lunch, you have a better-than-average chance of coming away from this experience with some new friends.

Verdict: Silly, engaging, and better with a buzz on, “Alibi Las Vegas: The Show” 2018 is a great option for light-hearted patrons looking for something different than the typical Vegas spectacle. It is not only a chance to discover lesser-known nooks and crannies of the city, but a golden opportunity to bond with other fans of campy, hands-on entertainment.