Sometimes the best way to experience a city, especially one as incredible as Las Vegas, is to arrange a private or custom made tour.  You might want to organize your wedding – YES, YOUR WEDDING – with Elvis.  Maybe you want to get married in a special chapel.  Or exchange rings in a pink limousine.  You can do all that with a custom designed package.

And your private tour does not have to include marriage at all!  There are so many custom designed tours in Las Vegas, you can custom your own!  Tour the nightclubs, enjoy a romantic sail on Lake Mead, take a helicopter flip and end off with champagne and snacks at a scenic viewpoint, or even do a private shopping, eating or drinking tour.  You can find a private driver, pilot, guide, Elvis or marriage person right here! The beauty of a custom designed tour is you choose what you want to see and do, and how long you want to do it for.  Be flexible, see everything that Vegas has to offer, enjoy the bright lights and have fun!