Las Vegas is all about action.  The weather is always fantastic – the sun always shines in Vegas – and it is the one place where you can do anything, try anything and be anything.  Vegas offers a wide range of outdoor activities and if you want to get your adrenalin going, have a look right here.

You can drive a Lamborghini in Vegas, unless of course you prefer a Porsche.   Embrace cowboy life and take a horse ride though the Wild West.  Tandem sky dive, Zipline over the Canyon, ride a Hummer, do a little quad biking or hire a scooter.  There are so many tours to join and so many fantastic activities to do.  Try and organize your time in Vegas so  you can experience a bit of everything.  Hang out on the Strip, visit the Casinos, take in a show or two, and don’t forget, take a chance, take an adventure, take to two wheels!