This is exactly what Las Vegas is all about isn’t it – delicious food, excellent wine and a wonderful and sophisticated nightlife. The lights always shine bright in Las Vegas, the Strip is always busy, the cocktails are fantastic and the clubs are pumping.    It can be pretty tricky to decide which bar or club to go to – they’re all fab – and we think it’s  great idea to do a night tour of the best clubs, bars and entertainment venues.

You can join a tour that offers an ‘insane night out,’  try an ‘ultimate club tour’ or sign up for a ‘bar and nightclub crawl.’  If you prefer something a little quieter, try a ‘walking food tour’ and choose if you want to do a day or night walk. There is so much to see and experience in Vegas and we don’t want you to miss anything!  There are Vegas Pool Parties, Brewery Tours and sophisticated fine dining tours.  Fancy an evening at the Eiffel Tower.  Book here!