You can see and explore Las Vegas in a number of exciting and adventurous ways, and one of the most exciting is from the air. Choose a helicopter flip over the city, or travel by hot air balloon trip, and treat yourself to an astonishing experience, with some of the most beautiful views and sights in America.

There are a number of Las Vegas aerial tours on option – Las Vegas City, The City and Hoover Dam, The extraordinary Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, The Strip, the glitzy hotels and casinos, Lake Mead – go through the options and choose the one that suits you best.

it can be a tough choice – a helicopter or a hot air balloon! Choose a day tour, or a fabulous night tour, and depending on your budget, include a picnic, sunset drinks, dinner, or all!

Whether you choose a helicopter or a hot air balloon, an air tour of Las Vegas is one of the most exciting, romantic and exhilarating things to do. Indulge. Treat yourself. Cheers! And book here.