Top Las Vegas Gay Bars

As they say, Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps. From awe inspiring shows to dances and casinos, there are many things to enjoy than you can ever imagine sitting back at home and watching pictures over the Internet. To experience the vibrancy and warmth of this city, you have to take a visit to Las Vegas and stay in one of the luxury hotels and visit different clubs that offer utter satisfaction and a lifetime experience.

But it may be hard for people of gay orientation to take the first step towards planning a vacation in Las Vegas. But the society may sometimes discourage them to take long trips to an unknown city or country. However, Las Vegas welcomes all its visitors with great warmth and hospitality that would make you feel comfortable enough to enjoy its natural beauties and manmade extravagances.

As the saying goes, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, a person of gay orientation will never have to fall prey to any kind of social discrimination as there are specific clubs, bars and resorts available exclusively for gay people. This article is dedicated towards highlighting you with the most popular Las Vegas Gay Bars so that you can plan accordingly from beforehand and enjoy your stay at Las Vegas to the fullest.

Gipsy Night Club

Located on 4605 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89169, Gipsy is situated just north of airport. It is one of the anchors for “Fruit Loop” – a group of quite a few gays and lesbian bars and clubs along Paradise City. It hosts several entertainment shows, drag shows and has a dance floor meant for everyone.

Piranha Nightclub

It is situated at 4633 Paradise Road, NV 89169, is one of the popular destinations for gay travellers. It offers some of the best drag queens in town, performing on a regular basis. It also serves reasonably priced drinks and offers games like beer pong and fun and kinky night ‘specials’. You might also experience a show of Britney Spears and Marylin Monroe, if you are lucky enough.

Fun Hog Ranch

The Fun Hog Ranch is one of the best clubs for gay people who like to wear leather, fetish wears. It is one of the best places for having a good time with your partner and hang out with likeminded people. It is situated on 495 E. Twain Avenue and has all sorts of transport system available to reach the place. The hot bartenders and staff make the place a desirable nightclub.

Goodtimes Nightclub

The place is worth calling Goodtimes Nightclub as it offers a very different show in town. Although it’s not obviously gay, it welcomes everyone with the same warmth. It is also famous for its Goth, industrial and rocker gay bar during the weekends. Sitting on 1775 E. Tropicana Avenue, it is one of the night clubs you must visit if you are looking towards having a great time.

Although these nightclubs are considered to be some of the best Las Vegas Gay Bars, there are other establishments that offer a great time and services that you would enjoy to the fullest. Some of the other popular nightclubs include Badlands Saloon, Krave, Charlie’s Las Vegas, Flex and The Garage.


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