Three Things You Must Do On The Las Vegas Strip Before You Die
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There is a certain enchantment about Las Vegas and the strip in particular. It may be the lights, the people, or even the sounds and smells. Many people enjoy the Las Vegas strip from afar. They see it on television and movies, but never experience it for themselves. If you have created a bucket list for yourself, make sure to put this one on it. If you are already planning a trip to Las Vegas, that is great news! We have three things that you should never miss when you visit the Las Vegas strip.

Once arriving in Las Vegas, be prepared to be overwhelmed. Everything is larger than life, and it is fine to look like a tourist the first few minutes you arrive. In fact, take the wonder you are feeling at that very moment and keep it with you for your whole visit.

1) Take a trip around the world in less than 80 days! If you are in Vegas, you have to travel to these worldly hotels all located close to or on the Vegas strip. Within a short walk you can check out Paris, Venice and even New York City. While you will not rack up any frequent flyer miles, you will have an incredible time. These hotels are perfect for some fun side trips and shopping. If you happen to head over to Venice, make sure you take a gondola ride.

2) Most people go to Vegas to gamble and maybe catch Celine Dion. Those are valid reasons to hit the Vegas strip, but I say go to Vegas to eat! There are few places on this globe that you are going to find as much food as you will in Vegas. While there is an all you can eat buffet on every corner, check out some of the finer dining as well. Be sure to check out favorites like M&M’s Soul Food or Hash Hous a-Go Go. Both places will leave you full, yet wanting more.

3) One of the last things you need to do before you leave Vegas is make sure you watch the sun set. It’s funny to think about, but nature gives Vegas a good run for its money with its very own light show. I would suggest you take a walk to the Voodoo lounge and head to the top and find a prime seat near the windows. Sit back and watch the sun turn into a fireball in the west, it will be a vision that will remain with you for years. Once the sun goes down turn your head to the east and watch Vegas light up in a brilliant neon glow. They are two of the most magnificent shows you can see within minutes of one another.

The main thing to remember about Vegas is not to over plan it. Vegas is best served unexpected. It is a city that is waiting to be explored, so let loose and have fun. Who knows you just may end up at the Little White Chapel in the wee hours of the morning being serenaded by Elvis!