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The best part about the Las Vegas experience is the sheer vibrancy of the atmosphere at The Strip. Getting to be a part of the rhythm of the music, shiny techno lights, thumping bass cords, exotic dances and exquisite performances is arguably one of the highlights of visiting Las Vegas. More so than the nightlife or the gambling theaters, the entirety of what Vegas has to offer is manifest in the stupendous variety of their clubs. From pool clubs to purely dance clubs to night and strip clubs, Vegas offers it all and more. In fact, one of the frequent complaints of the first time Vegas visitor is that there aren’t enough hours in the day to experience it all.

Which brings us to the most crucial part of the Vegas clubbing scene- while we are deeply respectful of the party situation in other American towns, the sensation of hustling through clubs from morning to night is almost exclusively that of Las Vegas. In this article we look at some of the best clubs that Vegas has to offer to its connoisseurs. Some of the most popular Las Vegas clubs are as follows:

The Top Clubs in Las Vegas

  1. TAO: Located in The Venetian, TAO must be considered Las Vegas most popular night club. The reason for this is that the dance floor at TAO is one of the biggest in Vegas. For those who are looking for a good time without the fear of bumping and falling over random strangers, TAO is the place to be. In addition to the dance amenities, they also have a decent mix tape that can cater to the wide variety of preferences of its audience.
  2. Mandalay Bay: One of Vegas’ most luxurious pool clubs, Mandalay Bay has around three pools, two of which are heated. Moreover, they boast of a wave pool, a topless pool, a lazy river and a sand and surf beach. Along with plush day beds and two restaurants, the club also has 3 jacuzzis and an open bar. A dream come true for those who love the beach, Mandalay Bay is another must visit.
  3. XS Nightclub: Made famous by Prince Harry when he raced swimmer Ryan Lochte during a Sunday night pool party, the XS Nightclub has one of the highest annual revenues in Las Vegas. Other than the well spaced interiors, the club boasts of a dance floor, an open bar and a poolside area.
  4. Marquee: When it comes to extravagance, Marquee takes the cake. With over 7 bars, a large dance floor and a pool that becomes an ice skating rink in winter, Marquee covers a staggering 60,000 feet in total. A must visit for anyone- first timer or not- who is visiting Vegas, this club is a party hopper’s dream come true.
  5. Hard Rock: With bars, hot tubs and pools; this is a place where one can quite literally spend the entire Vegas vacation. From a craps table to swim-up blackjack tables, the club makes sure to cater to all your needs in an efficient manner. Fast service and ample food and drinks is what makes this club a must visit in our list

While each and every one of these clubs is a must visit, this list is in no way exhaustive. There are a number of other Las Vegas clubs that need attention as much as the ones mentioned in this post if one wants to truly live the Las Vegas experience.