The Best Las Vegas Nightclubs

For many tourists, Las Vegas is synonymous with The Strip. From casinos to neon lights and music, the Vegas experience seems somewhat incomplete without the sensational night life. Nightclubs in Las Vegas are correspondingly one of the most visited and busy places all year round. Right from music, dances and entertainment to food and beverage services, lights and ambience as well as security, a typical Vegas nightclub is a veritable storehouse of activity. While the city is definitely not limited to the quintessential Hollywood portrayal of shiny techno lights, it is unarguable that the party scene of Las Vegas is one of the defining features of the city.

Most people who visit Las Vegas have a more or less set idea of what to expect from a regular nightclub. Music, beverages, some food and a general good time seems to be what most people want to experience. All of these expectations, while good, pale in comparison to what Vegas nightclubs have to offer. In the section below we list some of the Las Vegas nightclubs that are a must visit during your stay at Sin City.

Top Nightclubs to Visit

  1. Ghost Bar: Located at The Palms, Ghost Bar is one of the most exclusive nightclubs. It is located high above everyone else at The Strip and the view, naturally, is phenomenal. It might be worthwhile, however, to get the tickets in advance in order to save last minute hassles.
  2. The Bank: Located inside The Bellagio Resort and Casino, The Bank is another one of the exclusive nightclubs that Vegas has to offer. For those who prefer to have a good time with friends, The Bank is definitely a place to consider visiting as it sometimes offers free drinks on particular days of the week. For the full Vegas experience, a little research in advance might be in order so that the unlimited beverage option might be banked upon.
  3. TAO: Seated inside The Venetian, TAO is arguably one of the most popular Vegas nightclubs. The principle attraction of the place is that they have an enormous dance floor that can accommodate a large crowd without fear of people bumping into each other. Furthermore, there is always a wide variety in the music played to cater for almost everyone.
  4. PURE: Since it overlooks the Strip and extends out into a terrace, PURE is another popular option. From open dance floors to fast service and good music, this place is a must visit for first-timers.
  5. Moorea: The difference between Moorea and the other nightclubs is its poolside area. The vibe in Moorea is definitely more relaxed than that of traditional nightclubs. From daybeds to good music and decent service, lounging at the poolside while dancing to the DJ is an experience everyone must have.

While most American towns and cities boast of a vibrant nightlife, it almost certainly pales in comparison to what Vegas has to offer. From hitting the pool clubs, to casinos to nightclubs with thematic differences to after party scenes; nightlife in Vegas is certainly not meant for the faint of heart.

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