Million Dollar Experiences in Sin City on a Budget
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While many people pull all the stops when they budget (or don’t budget!) for their Las Vegas holiday, there really is nothing uncool about planning to look like a Vegas hotshot, tossing some dice or holding some cards and still searching for deals to pay less for the experience. In fact, gambling is all about the pleasure of getting more for less, isn’t it? Looking for Las Vegas deals on your stay, casino, bar etc. is a perfectly self-respecting thing to do when you are in Sin City.

Of course the first thing you can save on is your flight to and from Las Vegas. Some of the best places to find heavily discounted air fare is, as every backpacker and inveterate traveler knows, is with the flights price comparison websites. Your decadent holiday plans may be on short notice or planned well in advance. Whatever the case, trawl these sites from time to time and compare prices to get the most pocket-friendly prices. Booking a few months in advance will often save you hundreds of dollars. But sometimes, you could take a gamble on great last minute-deals in the spirit of your holiday theme!

Hotel stays are some of the easiest ways to save in Las Vegas, while still enjoying a fantastic, glitzy experience. JD Discount Travel for instance, will find you fantastic value right in the heart of The Strip for less than $50 a night. When you’re in the city, you’ll hardly expect to spend all your time in your suite with all that excitement around you. But why compromise on comfort and thrills when there’s such an abundance of inexpensive hotel and casino packages on offer? It’s easy to find budget packages with entertainment, indoor theme parks and thrills that you expect from a Las Vegas hotel.

Your Vegas holiday may not be all about casinos, of course. You could be looking for a Hangover-style stag party with plenty of fun, games, booze and sexy Las Vegas encounters and entertainment. Girls could look forward to ending singlehood with an all-out shopping and entertainment-filled weekend in the city. Many popular Vegas hotels like the MGM Grand, the iconic Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino, Mandalay Bay and others offer packages for groups who just want some fun without spending an arm and a leg for it.

Looking to unwind after a night of abundance? Search for spa deals and wellness packages with your hotel stay. You’ll definitely find yourself grateful for that aromatherapy or Vitamin-C infused showers in your room after a night of dead-drunk partying. Charge your batteries with a salon and spa treatment and get ready for another night of sinful indulgence!

Of course you need cheap but decadent eats to complete the experience in Vegas. Steakhouses, all-you-can-eat buffets, unlimited wine and dine deals and the epic annual Vegas Uncork’d experience await you at great discounts from Groupon. Many hotels and casinos also offer packages on unlimited dining and booze, since Vegas is all about excess, isn’t it?

Finally, if you really want to enjoy the feeling of a million dollar experience for next to nothing, be sure to take in the fountain light show every night at Bellagio Casino or check out the free Aquarium at the Silverton Hotel and Casino. There are so many things to do in Las Vegas without breaking the bank, that you may actually find yourself going back there again and again, and not just because you’re compelled by the gambling bug!