Las Vegas Vacations – Going Beyond The Glamor and Grandeur
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When people talk about Las Vegas vacations what comes to your mind? Many people think that Vegas is all about casinos, music performances and comedy demonstrations. But Beyond the glamor and grandeur, the sin city has some well kept secrets for fun lovers.

Las Vegas Sight Seeing Experience

Forget about the bright blinking neon lights and loud music for a moment. Las Vegas has many wide and open places waiting to be explored. First there is the Bryce Canyon National Park which is famous for its panoramic beauty.

If you live wildlife and have been looking to see beautiful animals such as the golden eagles, bald eagles and the Great Basin Rattlesnake then a trip to this place will definitely be well rewarded.

Other wonderful places to visit for an unforgettable outdoor experience in Vegas include: The Grand Canyon, Floyd Lamb Park and Lake Mead. The Grand Canyon is well known for its thrilling helicopter tours; the Floyd Lamb Park for its unique fossil remains and Lake Mead for boating and swimming.

The Las Vegas Street Experience

If you are looking for nightly shows featuring millions of lights and thousands of watts then you need to pay a visit to Fremont Street located in Downtown Las Vegas. Here you can enjoy concerts and special events at any time of the year. If you are the curious type then you can also take a quick walk through the Neon Museum which is home to one of the world’s largest collection of neon signs.

Drive Exotic & Muscle Cars

Las Vegas offers you an opportunity to drive some of the world’s most exciting muscle and exotic cars. The city is home to the latest models including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley and Jaguar. So why not get some more fun by taking booking a supercar tour in Las Vegas? You’ll get the chance to pilot a selection of supercars from a large fleet on the most scenic roads in Vegas. Car driving services are offered by:

*World Class Driving

*Sun Buggy

*Dream Racing

The World Class Hotels & Casinos

Las Vegas is home to some of the world’s most respected hotels like; The Ritz Carlton, MG Grand, Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower, Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and The Mirage Hotel and Casino. From family friendly resorts to “singles only” clubs, Vegas is truly where luxury meets convenience.

The biggest concentration of luxurious hotels and casinos is found on the famous Vegas Strip. Also located on the Strip is the Famous Show Mall that comprises over 250 stores. Another instant center of attraction that tops the list of Las Vegas vacations options is the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel and Tower. This is the 9-th tallest structure in America. You can visit the Top of the World Hotel which is found at the very top of this tower to grasp a beautiful view of the entire city.

Final word;

Indeed, Vegas is synonymous with entertainment and that is why it remains the single most visited city in the world. If you are looking to learn more about Las Vegas Vacations, then brace yourself for experiences that go beyond the ordinary.