Las Vegas Bachelor Parties – A Concise Guide
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Las Vegas is popularly known as Sin City for a good reason. Everything about the city screams Casinos, buffets, strippers, insane clubs, topless pools and booze. Therefore, if you are looking forward to having the time of your life with friends in the form of insane Las Vegas bachelor parties, then it is imperative that you find out how best you can rock your vacation.

The busiest times are holiday weekends since a good number of people choose to unwind by spending time in Vegas. Unlike most parts of the country, summer is the slowest period; however, this also depends on your ability to withstand the soul-melting heat. So, consider postponing your travel plans till winter. Even so, the high temperatures are still excellent for swimming.

If you wish to live like the billionaires during your stay, rent strip condos in Palms Place. It is popularly known for its super cool rental rooms. The Hardwood Suite for instance boasts of having a basketball court. The good thing about hosting a bachelor party in Vegas is the fact that most casinos and hotels are so massive that they usually never book fully. Therefore, if you closely assess the deals, it is highly likely that you will find a large suite at lodgings such as Hard Rock Hotel or even Rio especially during midweek.

If you would like to save money, visit the downtown locations. The first entrepreneurs opened their casinos and hotels in the downtown location which includes Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street. Since the downtown hotels are a little older, you do not risk running a very high tab. However, to remain competitive particularly with the new joints around the Strip, the hotels have been fully renovated while others have added clubs. Some of the most highly recommended are The D, Golden Nugget and Downtown Grand.

If you prefer to have a local scene theme for your party, consider Arts District as well as the Fremont Street neighborhoods. The neighborhoods have grown quite significantly and they now have lots of restaurants, clubs and bars. There is plenty of action around these neighborhoods and you can have a good time without necessarily paying a hefty price tag since the area is mostly occupied by locals. For beer, visit the Griffin while the Commonwealth will never disappoint if you would like to dance the night away. Velveteen Rabbit on the other hand has some of the best cocktails that you should probably sample.

If you are planning on dropping some real money, just walk into any club or casino that tickles your fancy. VIP hosts serving at high-profile clubs understand that Las Vegas bachelor party groups visit to have lots of drinks. Girls will also join in and everyone is happy.

Tipping is a popular practice almost everywhere. However, the service industry in Vegas will open secret and pleasant doors especially if you place a $50 tip strategically. Remember, Vegas is the ideal city for bachelor parties since you can drink, gamble and have fun. So, enjoy your night safely in the company of friends. There are still many more places to visit; but this guide offers you some good examples of venues that are ideal for your bachelor parties.