How to Save Money with Cheap Airline Flights to Las Vegas
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If you are planning to visit Las Vegas – America’s most popular travel destination – you can save money by finding cheap flights to Las Vegas. Whether you are visiting to see the great casinos, beautiful sunny weather, great pool parties, or indulgent nightlife, you will be able to use the cash you save on airfares for several other expenses. Here are four valuable tips on how to get cheaper flights to Las Vegas.

Buy Your Ticket in Advance

Book your flight early. As soon as you are sure you will be traveling to Las Vegas, get online and starting searching for airfares and hotel room rates. A good rule of thumb is to book your ticket at least 1 month in advance. However, experience has shown that you can still get good deals when you book at least 14 days before your trip. You can use air flight comparison sites to find the cheapest rates when you want to travel. When you are doing your search, you should have a set of possible departure dates. If you are flexible with your travel date, you will be able to get cheaper flights.

Get a Good Package Deal

You can save more when you go for a package that includes both an airline ticket and a hotel room. So search for air and hotel packages, especially when you are staying longer than two or three days. Hotels will usually reduce their rates for air packages. In some cases savings could be as much as 40 percent. Bigger discounts are given for longer stays. So you could end up paying less for three nights than for two nights. That’s an extra night to indulge at a lower price!

Search for the Smaller Airports

The smaller airports will offer you cheaper flights to Las Vegas. So look for them. For instance, flying out of Ontario or Burbank Airport will offer you lower fares and smoother trip than the big Los Angeles Airport. Parking also costs less at the regional airports. Similarly if you are flying in from the Bay Area, you will get cheaper flights from Oakland than from the huge San Francisco airport.

Fly in the Low Season

Coming to Las Vegas at the Weekend is great. There’s a continuous party in the city from Friday to Sunday. But if you are on a budget and you really want to save money, you should travel midweek. At the weekends, airfares are at the peak because that’s when most people are free to come in after work. You can find the best bargains on flights and hotel room rates from Monday to Thursday. Flying between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. can also help you to avoid majority of the business travelers and save some money. However, during big conventions like the Consumer Electronics Show that holds in January, the rates for airfares and rooms during the week are astronomical. Airfares to Las Vegas are at their lowest prices in August and October.

Those are some of the ways to save money on your flights to Las Vegas. Apply them and start planning for your trip today.