The Stratosphere Hotel, 2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South, is ideally located on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.

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The Stratosphere Hotel – Casino & Resort is ideally located on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, featuring an observation deck which offers spectacular 360-degree views of the bright lights of Sin City. This along with the iconic design of its tower and a whole host of great amenities makes it a great spot for anyone who wants an authentic taste of the Vegas high life.

The hotel offers a plethora of stunning entertainment options and amenities, the most spectacular of which is the adrenaline-pumping rides that can be found at the top of its iconic 112 story tower, which stands a remarkable 1149ft tall. While lucky guests can also enjoy the beautiful views from the eighth-floor swimming pool and the Top of the World restaurant, which offers classic buffet food and incredible rotating vistas of the surrounding area. Guests can also enjoy the full featured casino, stage shows, nightlife, live music and Air Bar, the highest bar in Vegas. The hotel also provides a state of the art gym and fitness center, where guests can maintain their usual regime and a glorious luxury spa, where you can treat yourself to some well-deserved you time. While the casino provides all the staples that you would expect to find in a Las Vegas establishment, like table games and slots, all played to a stunning backdrop of more panoramic views.

The hotel provides an excellent range of rooms that cater to every possible taste, with modern bathrooms and comfortable beds coming as standard, along with a whole host of unique things that depend on the selection. They also offer the chance to have more stunning views across the bright lights of Sin City.

The Stratosphere Hotel – Casino & Resort is an exceptional Las Vegas establishment, which offers everything that you could ask for in a hotel and casino. With the added bonus of a great location shopping, the monorail, the Convention Center and amazing views across the rest of the Strip: it is the kind of place where dreams become reality, making it ideal for those who want that once in a lifetime Las Vegas experience.

Shows and Musicals at the Stratosphere Hotel

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Claire Sinclair Performing in Pin Up Stage Show
Pin Up Starring Claire Sinclair:  Featuring a hot live band, talented singers and incredible dancers.

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LA Comedy Club Show Advertisement
LA Comedy Club: Featuring the best comedians working today, delivers a mix of comedy styles and humor.



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MJ Live: Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Poster
MJ Live: This show re-creates the King of Pops most iconic dance moves and songs.




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