The Bellagio, 3600 Las Vegas Blvd South, is one of an elite group of Vegas hotels that has entered into popular culture.

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The European-style Bellagio may well be the most iconic hotel in the whole of Vegas Inspired by the serene towns and villages of Europe, and it has unquestionably captured the imaginations of many of its patrons, since its opening in 1998. It overlooks a beautiful eight acre lake featuring the famous Fountains of Bellagio: a wall of water rising up into the air, offering promises of opulence and fun to come. It is located at the very center of the strip and along with a few others has become a symbol of all the dreams and fantasies that Vegas has to offer.

In terms of amenities, the Bellagio pretty much has it all, with countless restaurants offering different cuisines from across the world, a top-of-the-range spa and fitness center, plenty of stunning pools both indoor and outdoor, shops, cabanas and pretty much anything else that you could want or need. In fact, it would probably be quicker to list the things that the Bellagio doesn’t have or cannot provide for you, which is essentially nothing if you are willing to pay!

The Bellagio, offers an impressive range of rooms from magnificent luxury suites, to more modest affairs, meaning that pretty much anyone can stay there and find something to fit their taste. Most of which come with gorgeous marble bathrooms, stunning views of the rest of the strip, fully stocked minibars, access to WIFI, satellite television and much, much more.

Bellagio Fountains Water Show Across from Paris Hotel Las Vegas
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The hotel also has a load of things that you wouldn’t expect to find in a hotel, such as emerald green gardens, a fine art gallery, and the world-famous ‘O’ Cirque du Soleil Show, being based there. Then there is the Casino: one of Vegas’ finest, where fortunes are made and lost in nights and you can find any kind of game you want, from poker to table games, slots and so much more, The hotel has everything both experienced and rookie gamblers could want.

The Bellagio is one of an elite group of Vegas hotels that has entered into popular culture, making a stay there a truly authentic experience. It’s the kind of place that when you tell your friends and family about where you are going, the jaws will drop, making it ideal for anyone who wants a once-in-a-lifetime Vegas experience.

Shows and Musicals at the Bellagio Hotel

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O” by Cirque du Soleil: An aquatic tapestry of artistry, surrealism and theatrical romance.




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