Las Vegas has many landmark buildings and figures – the Egyptian Pyramid, the Venetian Grand Canal, Las Vegas Eiffel Tower and of course, the huge, glitzy landmark sign ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada.’   That sign is just south of the strip and is in an area of Las Vegas that is exciting, filled with hotels and resorts, fine dining and tons of entertainment.

People come to Las Vegas for a weekend, a celebration, to swim and suntan, to gamble, enjoy the most fantastic musical shows and to watch Broadway theater.  The city offers everything – fun, sophistication, activity, parties and also, relaxation.  Las Vegas is well known for the strip where you can walk up and down, day and night, soaking in the sunshine, the people, the bright lights and the glamour. Take a look at the area just south of the strip too.  You don’t want to miss the luxury, great golf resorts, Spas and of course, casinos.