Secret Garden in the Desert

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The Secret Garden in the Desert, 402 East Country Club, is principally a public relations and marketing company, which has a travel agency attached to it, ideal for holding an event or a place to do a film shoot.

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The Secret Garden in the Desert, located in Henderson is principally a public relations and marketing company, which has a travel agency attached to it. This makes it unique among the various Vegas hotels on offer, as it is principally used as a destination for the making of videos and productions. However, it is also open to the public offering a number of bespoke services, including the chance to live like a Vegas local and the opportunity to rent secluded apartments, which are just twenty minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

The Secret Garden’s claim to fame and reason for existence is the chance to film events in a secluded Las Vegas destination, and this is what it specializes in. Making it the ideal location for custom weddings or other events, which you want to be organized by a professional public relations company. It also is ideal for professional companies, who want to set up a shoot among the magic of Las Vegas countryside.

The company provides a wide-range of different rooms to suit a variety of needs, including fully-equipped apartments, where you can put up guests or people involved with the film shoot. Along with the aforementioned, ‘live like a local’ test houses, which allow people considering relocating to Las Vegas the chance to see what life is like, before pulling the trigger.

The Secret Garden in the Desert is a strange offering, providing bespoke services, to fit specific needs: it is not the kind of place that you should book if you want a traditional Las Vegas holiday. However, what they do, they do well, meaning that if you are looking for something to hold an event or a place to do a film shoot, it is ideal.


High-speed Internet, Swimming pool

Location Map

0.2 mi (0.3 km) from Black Mountain Golf and Country Club.
2.1 mi (3.3 km) from Clark County Museum. Henderson Events Plaza.
Within 2 mi (3 km) of the Amphitheatre and Henderson Convention Center.


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