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Alexis Park All Suite Resort, 375 E. Harmon Ave, is the perfect place for families visiting Vegas

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The Alexis Park All Suite Resort, does precisely what it says in its name, making it the only all-suite, non-gaming hotel in the entire of Vegas. The fact that it is not explicitly attached to a casino, makes it ideal for families: replete with three swimming pools, a gym, a hot tub, large grounds where the kids can blow off steam and much, much more. While, the fact that it is located just three minutes from the legendary Las Vegas strip, means that the parents can duck out and enjoy some of Vegas’ less child-friendly attractions, during their stay.

Although, we wouldn’t recommend spending your entire stay in Vegas locked away in your resort: Alexis Park, offers you the opportunity to do so: providing evening entertainment, cocktail bars, and restaurants, which gives you the option to stay in, if you have had an especially hard-night, or as a family you want to stay away from the more adult parts of Vegas life. While the fact that it contains a remarkable 496 suites, means it can also be used for weddings, conferences and pretty much anything else that you need a lot of top-quality rooms for a lot of people.

The suites themselves contain everything that you would expect from a luxury hotel, with plenty of space, TVs, sofas, coffeemakers and almost everything else that you need to make you feel at home. The entire resort has access to WIFI, meaning that you won’t ever feel disconnected from the outside world unless you want to be.

Alexis Park All Suite Resort, is the perfect place for families visiting Vegas, offering a refuge from the party atmosphere, while remaining close enough that it retains that amazing Vegas-feel.

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