Downtown Las Vegas is a mix of charming and chic, old and new, commercial and corporate, hip and trendy.  While the Las Vegas strip is all about bright lights, glitz and glamour, Downtown Las Vegas is about contrast.  You will find cultural centres, historical buildings, some amazing retail developments, dance, music, art, culture and entertainment. Downtown Las Vegas is varied; it’s not all casinos and gambling, nightclubs and bars.  The area has been through a fabulous revitalisation project and the old casinos downtown have been refurbished and repurposed.  You will find fantastic downtown Las Vegas neighbourhoods with outdoor cafes, markets, stores and of course casinos and musicals.  It is Las Vegas after all.  One does need the bright lights!

Visit the city.  Spend time in the Las Vegas strip but don’t leave out downtown Las Vegas.  There are some fabulous hotels, great restaurants, and fantastic street life, day and night.    Don’t forget to visit busting Fremont Street, a real highlight of the hood.   Shop, eat, drink, be entertained, walk, wander and enjoy.