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One thing most people will not deny is that vacations in Vegas are expensive at best. Pulling off all-nighters and visiting clubs, dance bars, morning-after spas and the occasional art galleries, the entire experience at Las Vegas is sure to put a definitive dent in your pocket. And we haven’t even touched the resort mini bar expenses. Despite the various expenses that need to be taken into consideration, few will argue that one integral part of Vegas vacations is food, and most often good, tasty, gourmet food at that. Surprisingly enough, good food in Las Vegas is fairly reasonably and can be quite a budget friendly adventure. Read on to find out more about how you can eat more at a lesser cost.

Best Places for Eating Cheap in Vegas

  1. Pizzas: One of the favourites and a vacation must have, pizzas in Las Vegas are filling, tasty and more importantly quite the money saver. While looking for a something different from your average hometown pizza, you could opt for the following places:

Cosmopolitan Hotel: The pizza at Cosmopolitan is thin, full of flavour and extremely filling. This means that for the Average Joe a half pie rather than the entire thing is sufficient enough. Split it with a couple of friends to make the meal even more pocket friendly.

Monte Carlo: 800 degrees at Monte Carlo has long been a haunt of pizza lovers and with good reason. Many swear by the taste-cost factor that Monte Carlo offers. That is to say, if one is tight on the economy, this pie is one of the best options on The Strip.

Pizza Bar at Aria: A combination of the VPN style and the New York Pie, Pizza Bar at the Aria resort hotel offers a perfect combination of flavour and reasonable prices. A must visit for everyone who visits Vegas.


  1. Burgers: When it comes to the heavenly sandwich, there are few places that can go wrong. However, if one is looking to save some precious money, hitting up Ramsay BurGR or Mandalay Bay is a worthwhile option. The only glitch here, of course (if you consider it that) is that you might have to split the meal in order to be more cost effective. However, the portion sizes are so generous that they more than make up for the sharing. Other than that, one can visit KGB Burgers at Harrah’s Las Vegas. Great rates and even greater flavors, this is a must visit for Vegas tourists.
  2. Food Courts: One of the best options if one is looking to eat cheap in Las Vegas is visiting food courts. A wider variety of options means that there are greater chances of you splitting the meal, having a good time and getting away with paying lesser than estimated. The Venetian, for instance, has a good food court that many will recommend. Quality hot dogs, panninis, soups and sandwiches- the spread is endless and prices reasonable. Barring that one can visit the Grand Canal Shops and food court at Flamingo Hotel to get the best deals on food and beverage.

Having a good time in Las Vegas is not always a matter of burning a hole in your pocket. By making smarter choices and going that extra mile to research for lesser known food joints, one can easily fit a large variety of good food within a smaller budget.