Driving down the Las Vegas streets with your car windows rolled down to let in the warm air that blows in from the desert will certainly gladden anybody’s heart. People come to Vegas to act out their fantasies and also to drive around town in a nice car. The good news is that there is no dearth of Las Vegas Car Rental companies out there that will provide you with a suitable car to fit your budget and needs.

It is easy to make your holiday in Vegas a great experience. All that you need to do is make it a point plan ahead so that there is no chance that everything goes according to plan. The main reason for hiring a car in Las Vegas is that driving around in a car makes it easy to take in all the fantastic places including those that are located away from the Las Vegas Strip.

It is best to hire a car from the airport, where numerous rental counters are busy helping people find the best car for their budget and needs. Enterprise Las Vegas car rentals are a company that makes it easy for you to travel between the Strip and downtown Las Vegas. Driving a rented car in Las Vegas means that you get an excellent chance to view some very interesting attractions along the Interstate 15. When you rent your car from Enterprise you also get to enjoy the twelve-mile Wheeler Park Scenic Drive. The nice thing about dealing with this car rental company is that their rental cars make it easy for you to reach any destination in the city, and beyond. Best of all, this Las Vegas Car Rental company also supplies the most exotic cars on rent including Mercedes Benz C and S class cars, as well as Infiniti G35 and BMW 750i.

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There is a saying in Vegas that what happens in the city stays in the city. This city with bright lights attracts tourists in droves, including the young and the single. The Strip attracts those who want to take in a show and also those who wish to gamble at one of the numerous clubs and casinos. The Freemont Street Experience happens in downtown Vegas and is a stunning attraction for families. In many respects, it offers the same excitement and entertainment, as you will experience on the Las Vegas Strip. Make sure that you do not miss the opportunity to drive your Las Vegas Car Rental down to Fremont Street where you can mingle with the crowds who are attracted by the Viva Vision canopy and light show.

It also pays to drive for about thirty-five miles in your Las Vegas Car Rental to Boulder City to visit the Hoover Dam. Millions of people visit this dam and for good reason. When you return to Vegas you should make it a point to take in the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, which is a very important landmark in Vegas.

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